September 16 – Meeting Notes


  • There will be an Officers Meeting on September 23.
  • Letters of Intent for the position for Seneschal for the Shire of Eastwatch are being accepted at this time. The letters must be received by THL Merlin no later than September 23, 2013. Please send via email to: whgkingstone[at]ameritech[dot]net.
  • THL Merlin will review each letter, choosing those he feels are acceptable and will review them with the Officers during a scheduled Officers Meeting. At this time the Officers may voice their opinions and recommendations. Taking these recommendations into consideration, THL Merlin will make the final decision as to whom the next Seneschal will be and will announce his decision at an upcoming meeting.
  • Classes for the remainder of the year are listed below:
    • September 23rd — “Rolled Veil Edge”, taught by Lady Seonaid, she will also be finishing “Flat Felled Seams”.
    • October 14th — “Ukrainian Bead Netting”, taight by Lady Ashlyn.
    • October 28th — “Nailbinding”, taught by Lady Ashlyn.
    • November 11th — “Paper Making”, taught by Lady Ashlyn.
    • November 25th — “Name & Device 101”, taught by Laor Vasilli.
    • There will be a Dessert Revel on Monday, September 30th.
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