October 28 – Meeting Notes

  • Bjorn Thursbani, is looking for letters of intent of the office of Chronicler. Please contact him at bjornulthersson@yahoo.com.
  • Classes for the remainder of the year are listed:
    • Nov 11th, 2013 – “Paper Making” – taught by Lady Ashlyn
    • Nov 25th, 2013 – “Name & Device 101” – instructed by Lord Vasilli
  • March 29, 2014 will be the event La Masque de la Fou, (Mask of the Fools) held by Lord Perrin de Sablé, and Lady Ashlyn Riona Gill. There will be classes, merchants, rapier fighting, feast, dancing, and a masked ball. Event pre-reg is $10, $12.00 at the door. $10.00 feast fee, pre-reg ONLY. Masks are required.
  • The Royal University of Midrelm/ Aethelmarc Academy, in Coloumbus, Oh is this Saturday, 11/02/2013. Event website: http://no-gorsedd.com/rum2013/index.html
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