Fletchings of Spring – Directions

Fletchings of Spring

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Best route to I271, Chagrin Blvd/Rte 87 exit. Go East to Lander Circle.

WARNING! WARNING! From the freeway exit to just about Lander Circle, you will be passing through Orange Village. Speed limit here is 25 mph, strictly enforced. Mind the Signs.

Travel halfway around Lander Circle, and exit onto Rte 87 East. The road will go to a stop sign, at which you will make a slight right and continue on 87 East.

Continue on to Punderson State Park. Enter, go to the second left turn, and follow signs to “Marina”. Archery Field parking lot will be on the left.

Alternately, take I90 to Rte 306, go south, and turn left at Rte 87 East. Follow to Punderson.

OR, Rte 422 to Rte 306, go north, and turn right at Rte 87 East.

Bonus Scenery Note: As you travel along Rte 87, along the right side of the road at about two miles east of Rte 306, you’ll come upon a small sign announcing the ASM Headquarters. Slow down and watch to the right (traffic permitting) and you’ll see, in a small valley, a set of buildings topped with an open-lattice geodesic dome, engineered by R. Buckminster Fuller, rising 103 feet into the air. Kinda cool – more details can be seen at http://www.asminternational.org/about/materials-park