Martial Activity

Credit: Gianna Vettori

Armored Combat

Armored combat, or heavy weapons fighting, is the art of donning medieval armor and doing combat with rattan weapons. The battles can be single combat, formal tournaments or large-scale melee. The forces of Eastwatch are led by our Knights Marshal, Sir Conrad Schwartzwolf. For more information regarding the rules of engagement for the Midrealm, please visit the Earl Marshal’s website.

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Rapier Combat

Eastwatch has a thriving fencing population and they are always ready to welcome more. Our Rapier Marshal, Lady Cherise of the Cleftlands, is not only a fearless leader but a wonderful instructor. We recognize and fight under the Rapier Rules of the Middle Kingdom. For more information, please visit the Earl Marshal’s Marshalette website.

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Combat & Target Archery

As with any proper frontier settlement of the day, we have an excellent group of archers. Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to practice during the regular meetings, instead we have two locations where a Sunday afternoon (from 1 to 4 PM) practice is held based on the time of year. For more detailed information regarding sites, please see our locations page.

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Due to its location on the frontier of the Middle Kingdom, Eastwatch is a prime location for equestrian activities. While the middle ages brings to mind armored jousting, other activities such as reeds, rings and quintain are more common.